#OneAfricaMusicFest: Why Jidenna couldn’t perform

2017 One Africa Music Fest – what happened and why Jidenna was unable to perform, these were few of the questions that popped up right after the show was cut and brought to a sudden end.

American based Nigerian singer, Jidenna who prefers his music – a blend of both cultures with the latter taking majority of his influence was down and unhappy to have let his fans disappointed most especially the African communities in United Kingdom who came out to witness him perform songs they have become addicted and accustomed to.

You can not blame everyone for the problems that arises, just an inability to put things on time could jeopardize all the hard work you invested and bad feelings will be the next emotional signal that will be sent from the heart.

Jidenna quickly took to his instagram page to explain some of the reasons why he was unable to come onstage blaming it on timing and then maybe a bit of improper ‘Organization’ which will be laid on the door steps of the organizers who were in the driving seat.

All can’t be overly said and done in this way, may be the organizers too have their own side of the story which will soon be out.

For now, watch Jidenna’s explanation to why he couldn’t perform:



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