My Boobs Are Real: Jessika Power Of “Married At First Sight” Tells Fans

Jessika Power

“Married At First Sight” star, Jessika Power, has been explaining to her fans that her boobs are real. She said even though she enhanced them to make them look the way she wants. It was an autologous boobs process, where fats were removed from her thighs are planted in them.

Jessika added that the process was somehow perfect because it wasn’t silicon that had been fixed in her boobs but rather her own fats. She hasn’t been shy from speaking the truth to her fans on different topics since she broke onto the scene and became fans favourite in the series.

Married At First Sight is an American television show where a group of single girls married partners picked for them. They only meet their partners for the first time on the wedding day.

Watch Jessika Power explaining her boobs grafting process below:



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