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#BoityRevealed! South African media personality, Boitumelo Thulo unveils “Human Limitless” company

South African actress, television host and entrepreneur, Boitumelo Thulo has unveiled the name of her new company to be “Human Limitless” and its first product for the country’s market and beyond called “Boity Toning Support“.

Boity Toning Support” is the first of the series of products that the company will be producing in the future to help with weight loss especially for ladies to achieve the hour-glass physique.

“On the road to becoming a celebrity I’ve learnt the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle and if in any way I can impact lives positively, this celebrity journey will be even more rewarding. That’s why I’m so proud of Boity Toning Support, it is my ultimate beauty secret and formula for success”, Boity said on the official website for Human Limitless.

She has been a strong voice for women across the nation and beliefs in the prospect of the future for women who want to be courageous enough in their decision making and also contribute meaningfully to impact society in all angles.

Check out photos from the launch below:


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